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Harry Partridge

I just wanted to let you know about a really talented guy who inspires me a lot.

Harry's avatar on NewgroundsHarry Partridge is a talented young filmmaker, voice actor, musician and everything else you can think of. He mostly makes short funny cartoons, often as a parody of something popular. He has an account on YouTube, TwitterNewgrounds and deviantART. He even did a couple of short cartoons for BBC Comedy. Harry is very fun to follow on Twitter, he always has funny comments and interesting things to share.

His cartoons look pretty professional and you can tell he puts lots of effort in them. Though they may seem silly and random at first, they are actually really original, charming and funny. For example, what people usually do when they join Twitter is they just tell their friends something like “Hey, I joined Twitter, follow me, blah blah…”, but Harry did it a bit differently. On his channel, other than many amusing cartoons, you’ll notice a couple of videos where he actually appears in person, and there you can see that he’s a funny, passionate guy full of energy and self-esteem.

Well, enough of me, if you’re interested, check him out. I’m not the fan type of guy, but he’s someone I’d really like to meet.